I absolutely love all forms of art, expression, and culture. I am a self taught artist from San Bernardino, CA. I spend most of my time working to improve my skills and admiring the masterful works of God. 

It is safe to say I am obsessed with color and I have the sky at any moment to thank for that.

I am humbled by the miracles of life and the boldly beautiful individuals I've had the priviledge of coming across. Art is my first love, it has taken me on a jourey of self love and liberation. Thank you for taking an interest in my work, I am truly appreciate of your support. I hope to spread joy and add color to our minds. My main inspiration comes from the colors I see in nature and music. I strive to spark the imagination and ignite the senses through color and movement.

If you're interested in a commissioned piece please contact me at c.anaalyce@gmail.com, I would love to help bring your visions to life.

Much Love, Stay Inspired 

Ana Cervantes

San Bernardino/Long Beach CA